Thursday, December 16, 2010

guess who this is....

Yes…those are my feet, my shins, and my knees.  Oh I’m so embarrassed. 
It all happened a bit like this…
This morning I was bit rougher than normal.  I was sleepy…oh so sleepy.  Even several cups of coffee couldn't seem to shake me from my sleepiness.  
Ya see,I had a work holiday dinner to attend here last night…
The food was excellent (probably about the best I've ever had).  The company was amazing.  It was a great evening.  But it was a bit late by the time we got home and settled into bed.
So this morning I was NOT digging the simple act of getting dressed.  I wanted to be comfortable and I’m extremely fortunate to work in a place where there is hardly a dress code.  I managed to groggily pull together a velour workout suit completed with a black tee decorated with a bit of ruffle for a bit a pizzazz.
It was getting down to the last hour of work and I happened to bend over in my chair to snap up a piece of paper that had glided off my desk.  While bent over, I happened to glance at my self…and that’s when it happened.  I lost all control.  Uncontrollable laughing.  Tears strolling down my face.  My stomach about to burst.  Yea, it was that kind of hysterics that had overcome me. 
The velour pants that had rode up a bit and now looked like high waters.  The Christmas socks with no pink whatsoever in them, beaming bright against the bright pink pants.  The thin slice of white, dry leg skin trying to poke out in between the top of my socks and bottom of my pants.  The position of my legs, feet turned slightly outwards.  The black and lighter pink shoes that tried to pull the bright pink and black tee together but some how didn’t quite pull off the job.
Oh I was a hot mess. 
And it made me laugh and I couldn’t help but share this new “look” with the rest of the office…and the world wide web now. 
So my point…I make a vow to take a harder look at myself and the way I'm dressed before leaving my house.
I suppose if you can’t laugh at yourself, what fun is life (especially in my world because I find myself very hilarious)
 Simply Laughing,

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