Monday, December 20, 2010

i'm dreaming of a white christmas

A lot of the U.S. has been blanketed with snow this year.  It's been unusually chilly just about everywhere.  But I haven't seen snow this year.  Not one flake.  Living in the Carolinas we just don't see snow very often.  Maybe twice a year.  
Last year we had more than a white Christmas.  What is that you may ask?  It was a white-out Christmas.
We drove from Charlotte, NC to Auburn, NY with our 2 large dogs.  Typically a 12 hour drive.  But the problem was we didn't have typical weather.  Nope...we were caught in blizzard like conditions from the time we left Charlotte til the time we hit the NY border (yea, go actually stopped snowing the minute we hit NY).  So, instead of taking 12 hours...we got to NY in 30 hours.  Yes, 30 hours- although we did manage to find a  hotel on the top of a mountain that had a few rooms available (probably due to the fact that it was on top of a mountain and not many vehicles could make it up the unplowed driveway that was covered in approximately 2 feet of snow) so we did sleep for about 5 of those 30 hours. 

{the view from our hotel room}
Looking back, it was gorgeous.  Absolutely amazing.  At the time, my heart was racing with the constant thought that we would be one of the dozens stuck along the side of the road.  But our Jeep kept on pulling through.  It loved this weather.  Thats what they're made for right. 
{our Jeep that carried us to the top of the mtn. to our hotel so we could get some sleep}
{plows running 5 trucks deep}

So for those of you that have snow and have had enough snow for the season...take a moment to enjoy the simplicity of it and then send it my way!  I would love to see those big fluffy lacey flakes fluttering through the sky.  But, since I know that this is one wish Santa probably won't be able to fulfill, I'll stare at these pictures and pull the vivid images from my mind of that fluffy white stuff.  
 The snowflake - a simple ice structure that can conjure up excitement for snow days, skiing, sledding and the pure white beauty of the season.

Snowily yours, 

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