Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's too dark to see pine cones!

My plan for this evening was to come home from work, collect pine cones from my front yard and work them into my Christmas decor but I didn't realize how difficult it was going to be to collect pine cones in the dark.  Even with my trusty headlamp it was difficult.  Bummer dude!  So, I guess my pine cone projects will have to wait 'til the weekend when I can collect my simple pine cones during the daylight hours.  Maybe I'll go to a park or somewhere off the beaten path and make it a pine cone adventure - who wants to join me? :)

So instead of my pine cone projects...I decided to take a few pics of my inside Christmas decorations all lit up...
{I decided to go simple on my mantle this year- 3 little trees strung with white lights and a plaid scarf}

{I love the glow of white lights - Would the world be a happier place if it were lit up entirely with little white lights?}

And the outside (even thought its not finished)...

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  1. Girl, I have a bunch of pine cones you can have! : )