Thursday, December 2, 2010

so much to think about

so many ideas.
so many projects.
so much happiness to spread.
How do I keep track of it all?
How do I get all my words from my busy mind to this blog?

Part of the problem is that I do my best thinking at work.  Why is that?  I'm supposed to be focused on work and I actually have been pretty busy but my mind still likes to wonder off into random distant worlds.
For example...
I wonder what everyone else is blogging about?
I bet I could hand make this or that
oh hey, what kind of chickens am I going to get this spring? 
(yes, I do say "oh hey" to myself in my mind)
hmm what plants should I plant in my front yard on that bare slope?
Oh I wonder if my transplanted rootings took to their new home yet?
oh yea, i saw curtains the other day that I liked I wonder if I can find similar material and make them? 
(and yes, I do say "oh yea" to myself in my mind)
I wonder if my Camilla is still blooming? I need to remember to look and cut the flowers if it is.
(and again, yes, I do say "I wonder" to myself)
whats for dinner?
wedding invitiations?
new couch?
yadda... yadda... yadda...
I could go on and on.
I try to be simple...I really do...I try to think simple thoughts and focus on the task at hand but have you ever tried to completely focus on 1 thing for more than 10 minutes?'s tough. (and don't tell me I have adult a.d.d. - I'm convinced that focus is a rare talent...a god given gift.)
Not to mention, for some reason I write much better in my mind while I'm at work and when I get home it's like I have a mild case of writers block.  I actually wrote this entire blog while taking a break at work.  Lengthy isn't it?
So my solution....a good ol' notebook to keep with me at all times.
{I received this one from my dear friend Liz - Thanks again Liz!}
I can organize my thoughts in here.  I can write posts that I want to publish in here.  I could even doodle in here.  It's not very big so it'll fit in my purse and don't you just love the G! I know, I know...I don't have a G in my name...not YET! My fiancĂ©es last name begins with a G so in a few short months my name will have a G in it.
So hears to good thoughts that will never be forgotten because they'll be in my notebook! (I wonder how long it'll take me to fill it up? - any guesses?)

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