Thursday, December 9, 2010

i've been framed

Actually, it should be more like "i've been inspired by frames" but you get it right?

I used to have this little dilemma, a very small dilemma actually, but one that was sort of affecting the way that I enjoyed my living room.  I had a big, plain ol' wall empty wall.  Now I're probably thinking (with a sarcastic tone) "oh yea, huge dilemma"...but I did warn you that it was very small.  

I believe that you can make your life a bit happier by simply surrounding yourself with things that you love.  For example, I think your house should have decor that you love and that makes you smile.   And it shouldn't be limited to your house but your friends, your family, your environment, whatever it is that makes you happy, why wouldn't you want to be surrounded by it.  I think it's a fairly simple philosophy.  Even if you think your life is crappy, there has to be a picture, a trinket, an animal, something that makes you smile (I bet there are a lot of things that make you smile but maybe you're just pessimistic or put too much emphasis on the crap).

ok...i went off on a tangent...back to the frames.
A few months ago, Young House Love which is only the best blog ever, house crashed a sweet little home whose decor was fresh, fun and unique (see for yourself here).
It was here that I found this simple, chic, very inexpensive solution to my big ol' plain empty wall!

Yes, a wall of plain ol' simple frames for a plain ol' wall.  
The color in this bedroom was very similar to the color of my living room + I had a bunch of frames hanging around that I wasn't using so I painted my frames that I had and added a few more that I got for $1.00 courtesy of a yard sale and this is what I got...

I forgot to get the ceiling fan cords out of the pic
and those black blobs are pine cones :)

And now that Christmas is here...I decided to add a little Christmas fun to my frames...

Ta Da.... I wrapped them all up with all kinds of different ribbon that I had in my Christmas ribbon box.
I think it’s festive, fun and simple. 
Hey, it makes me happy!

Live simple,

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