Tuesday, December 7, 2010

pine cone a plenty

So I didn’t realize how popular the pine cone was…did you?  I mean look at just a few of the sites that I found that sell pine cones…decorated or straight up freshly dropped from the tree.  Who has that job…I think I might like to do that...add that to the bucket list, hehe.
But they do evoke a certain feeling especially around this time of year…for me anyways.  And I don’t discriminate...I love them all…big ones, tall ones, small ones, tiny ones, broken ones, fat ones, decorated ones, simple ones, single ones, clustered ones (but I don’t love the fake ones).  Why do I become so amazed at mother nature's simple little designs?
And who hasn’t made a bird feeder using them? I think I’m gonna make a few for my cardinals that have been chirping about in this chilly weather.

And talk about simple décor…
{simple glass bowl}

{simple glass bowl + simple pine cones}

{simple glass bowl + simple pine cones + simple red bulbs}
Live simply, Carrie

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