Tuesday, December 28, 2010

it's almost time.....

...time to countdown 2010 that is and I've already got a head start on my "to do" list for the new year!  
Hey, go me!  

I got home from work and started laundry...
{see...empty hamper}
 I started gathering items for one last Goodwill donation...
{2 bags filled already...I know I can do better}
I went through the mail...
{woo hoo...a few coupons worth saving
placed conveniently next to  the door}
 And my next to do that I'll be working on this evening...sorting through my magazines, tearing out things that inspire me,
...and placing them in "style files" (hehe...style files are where I separate and organize all my magazine tear-outs into categories like decor, gardening, living rooms, kitchens, etc.)

 ...and then recycling the old magazines.  I don't need these hanging around creating clutter in the new year (although I will be saving a few newer ones...because I do love to curl up and read a good mag)!
  Hmm...I wonder what kind of projects are out there for used magazines???

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