Thursday, July 21, 2011

Where the heck have you been....

I know.  That's probably what you're saying as you're reading this post.
Yes.  It's been awhile.
My last post was Dec. 30th.  Usually people are busy around the holidays and I'm sure blogs get pushed to the side.  I think that I managed to do pretty well with writing for my little blog in December.  And then I would think, come the new year, most people who do have blogs would make it a resolution to post more often.
Well I obviously didn't make THAT New Years resolution.
I've honestly thought about this blog a lot over the past 7 months.  I've come up with lots of subjects to write about.  I had a lot going on that made me happy.
The problem...well....I had a lot going on and never made enough time to sit, write, publish, and post.
But, in a little nutshell, I was busy....
Getting Married!
Thank you to our fabulous photographer Annie Gannon found  here
And then we got these little girls
I actually got these gals when they were just days old about 2 weeks before the wedding (this picture was taken when they were a few months old)
And while we were planning our wedding, we were taking a beekeeping class and preparing to get our very own hives (I'll have to take a pic and do a post about them later)

So yes...I've been busy...and I know other bloggers out there have busy lives too but I will try to make a better effort to post.  After all, you have no idea how funny a simple chicken can be.  Or, how fascinating honey bees can be. And I want to share it all with you guys.

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