Monday, May 14, 2012


And here I am again...randomly.  I'm not good at journaling (yep, made that word up, I like it and I think it makes sense, please don't judge me) or more specifically, blogging.  I've tried journaling before.  I've had a wide range of pretty covered journals. But I've just never been able to stick with it even though I really enjoy writing out my thoughts or ideas.  I think of things that I could journal/write/blog about all day long.  I even jot down my ideas on posty notes.  But I just never take the time to sit down and write it all out.  I think it, I just don't pen it.  Maybe I should record, old school tape record it.  Yes, I know they have digital recorders now and heck, I have Siri, I bet she could do it for me..but it seems like cheating.  And besides, writing is simple...right?   I just have to make time for it.
I will say, things are calming down on the home front.  I don't feel as hectic as I had been feeling.  I've lately had a sense of calm beginning to creep in to my moods.  I hope this calm stays and that I am able to pick up this blog because I believe in it, I believe that I can do this and it will be a good thing.

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